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4 in 1 aluminum alloy charger stand For N-Swtich Joy-Cons(Rose gold)

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Can charge 4 Joy-Cons simultaneously
Weight:0.00 kg.
Product Size: cm
Stock:500 PCS
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4 in 1 aluminum alloy charger stand For N-Swtich Joy-Cons(Rose gold)

Product Description

---This product can provide four small joy-con  for charging at the same time. When charging is required, only the corresponding handles of the Switch need to be inserted into the charging stand of the product separately.

---The charging stand adopts the standard USB_5V power supply, which makes it easier to obtain power from the USB interface of the Switch Console, the USB port of the computer or the USB interface of other 5V mobile phone power adapters. It is not necessary to use the USB of the Switch Console and its dedicated matcher power supply.

Product Parameter

Aplication; Nintendo Switch Joy-con Controller

Input voltage: USB 5V/2A

Charging current: 400 mA * 4

Product material: aluminum alloy + ABS material.

Product size: 8.1 * 8.1 * 12.7CM

Product weight: 225G

Packing Content; charging base 1PCS.

Packaging: color box

Product Use Instruction

1. Charge the joy-con of the Switch through the charging base:

2.Connect the USB cable to the device with the standard USB_5V output or the AC adapter.

3.At this time, you can see that four transparent square columns are illuminated by emerald green light, indicating that the charging stand has been energized normally.

4. Correspondingly, insert the joy-con Controller  of the Switch into the left and right sides of the charging stand, such as pictures. At this time, if the emerald green light from the transparent square column turns red, it means that the small handle of the Switch hanging on this port is charging.

5. When the battery built in the joy-con Controller of the Switch is fully charged, the display panel on the charging stand shows that the small red handle is turned into a small blue handle.

6.charging completed Switch joy-con controller needs to be removed from the charging base, you can play the game normally.

7. This charging base can charge four Switch joy-con controller at the same time.

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